My background is in Math and Computer Science. Upon entering grad school, I realized that computers themselves are really not that interesting. What is interesting, however, is the way in which we use and interact with these machines, especially in the humanitarian sector.

Current Goals

I am working at the intersection of Computer Science and Humanitarian work. Currently, I aim to reimagine our big data analysis practices to better account for the socio-behavioral features that drive the data production itself in order to support a data interpretation that better describes human behavior.

Educational Background

I recieved my BA in both Mathematics and Computer Science from Carroll College in 2012. Carroll is a small liberal arts school located in Helena, Montana. Before that, I lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and attended the Steamboat Mountain School (Formerly the Lowell Whiteman School). I was a student of the Global Immersion Studies program and had the fortunate opportunity to travel abroad each year.

Some Non-Educational Things

  • I am passionate about sustainable development. To this end, three close friends and I started a property management and construction company in Helena, Montana.

  • I grew up on skiing, mountain biking, and climbing. I have been extraordinarily fortunate to live in places with access to the great outdoors.

  • I have traveled to all 50 states in the USA, 9 Canadain provinces, and 20+ Countries.